Monday, January 21, 2008

Stephen Malkmus - Baltimore

One of my favourite artist for his approach and sense of melody. I was mad about Pavement, I headlined the same festival as them when they released their first album and since then I'm a devoted fan... don't ask me to explain, take it as a fact !

Malkmus and his Jicks are about to release "Real emotional trash" on Matador somewhere in March. In the mean time he offers us a possible single called Baltimore for our patience! Can't wait men, if it's ready please release it NOW !!!!

MP3 : Stephen Malkmus - Baltimore

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Mogwai - Pixies Cover

Finally back and for this return some news from Mogwai. They are listed on a Pixies covers album out 27/11 American Laundromat. They cover Gounge away taken from Doolittle with an impressive wall of guitar as usual with Mogwai. The full track list is available on stereogum.

MP3 : Mogwai - Gounge away

Monday, September 24, 2007

I'm moving...

I have moved and will catch up very soon on my review backlog with Dominic Sonic, Fruitkey, Akron Family, Sirs, Get Him Eat Him, ...

Please contact me to have my new mail address for the reviews, Thanks !!!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Bottom of the Hudson - Fantastic Hawk

I've looked for the details of Fantastic Hawk and was willing to review it, really an excellent Album. When I came back from Holiday, I saw this message from Absolutely Kosher and was not in the mood to review it anymore...

Dear Friends,

Philadelphia/Brooklyn band Bottom of the Hudson suffered a serious van
wreck on Sunday, July 29th, while returning home after the final date of
a short East Coast tour to promote their new album, Fantastic Hawk,
released just two weeks ago on July 17. While on I-40 near Clinton, NC,
a tire blew out sending the van out of control and flipping it multiple
times. Bassist Trevor Butler was killed in the accident and drummer
Greg Lytle is currently in ICU in Chapel Hill, NC. The other members of
the band, Eli Simon, Michael Prince and William Chesterton Chambers,
suffered minor injuries and were released from the hospital.
We didn't have an opportunity to get to know Trevor Butler as well as we
would have liked, but he was a great guy and a great musician. He was
instrumental in the evolution of the band's sound over the years. In
addition to playing in Bottom of the Hudson for the last several years,
Trevor also was a founding member in fellow-Philadelphia group Coyote.
He was utterly devoted to music and helped many, many bands set-up shows
in Philadelphia. We are devastated by his loss and he will be greatly
missed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the band and their families.
Services will be held for Trevor Butler on Thursday in his hometown of
Myrtle Beach, SC. Thanks to everyone who has sent condolences and

We are currently accepting donations via Paypal (the address is on behalf of Trevor's family and for Greg's
medical bills resulting from the accident. A benefit show is being
discussed, but we're all still reeling from this tragedy. We will
update our home page (, which also has a
donation link) as news of Greg's condition and progress on further
fundraisers comes in. Your generosity in this difficult time is

Cory Brown and everyone at Absolutely Kosher Records

Friday, July 20, 2007

Sorcerer - Divers Do It Deeper

It's the kind of tune you'd like to have o holiday watching the sea at 6AM when the sun rises. You don't need to wake up at that time, might just want to relax before going to sleep. Sorcerer 's music is not exactly dub, it sounds like electronica but with an old synthesizer sounds from the 80's. He is releasing White Magic on Tirk record now. I'm hunting the album details but you can go on his Myspace to listen to his work.

MP3 : Sorcerer - Divers Do It Deeper

Monday, July 16, 2007

Bottom of the Hudson

I don't really know what to say about this band, Bottom of the Hudson just speak to me. Thy music is not too complex, not too simple. The melody are there and the production is OK. It's the perfect music for a gloomy Sunday. nervous guitar in the background that doesn't destroy the mood and then let the room available for a calm break with violin and something that sounds as an accordion. They will release an album called Fantastic Hawk on the excellent Absolutely Kosher record on the July the 17th.

Mp3 - Bottom of the Hudson : BeeHive

Monday, July 9, 2007

Jeremy Warmsley - The art of Fiction

Jemery Warmsley is a 23 years old song writers from London. Sometimes, like on "I Promise", I'm hearing Sondre Lerche, sometimes like on "dirty blue jeans" his influence are less predictable (radiohead, Steve Reich, ...). The Album is just amazing he tries to destruct all the anticipated tune and the production surprise you quite often but you'll find plenty of acoustic session on the web that prove his songs to be perfect and of great value when only played at the acoustic guitar. The album "The Art of Fiction" is now out across Europe on Rykodisc. I give Him a 4 out of 5 !

MP3 : Jeremy Warmsley - I keep the city burning (demo - piano)
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